We acknowledge the Gadigal
People of the Eora Nation as the
traditional custodians of the
land on which we live and work.


Awards from prestigous acronyms, bibliography, lectures, exhibitions etc.


AGI membership (2015)

Alliance Graphique Internationale


New York Type Directors Club
—Certificate of Typographic Excellence


(we directed/donated our awards budget to
projects that created more impact this year)

Graphis Protest Posters 2

—Gold Award
—2 Silver Awards

D&AD Awards
—Yellow Pencil
—Wood Pencil


AGDA Awards 
— Pinnacle for Design Effectiveness
— 2 Judge's Choice Awards
— Distinction for Identity, Large Business
— Distinction for Logos & Trademarks
— Distinction for Spatial Design
— 4 Merit Awards
— 2 Finalist Awards


Best Design Awards, New Zealand

—Gold Award
—Silver Award
—Bronze Award
—Finalist award


Good Design Australia
—Gold Award

The Dieline Packaging Awards
—Gold Award

New York Type Directors Club
—Certificate of Typographic Excellence



AGDA Awards

— 5 Distinctions

— 5 Merit Awards

— 3 Finalist Awards

Best Awards, New Zealand

— 5 Bronze Awards
— 1 Finalist Award


—Wood Pencil

New York Type Directors Club

—Certificate of Typographic Excellence



AGDA Awards

—2 Pinnacle Awards
—2 Judges Choice Awards
—5 Distinctions
—7 Merit Awards
Best Awards, New Zealand
—5 Gold Awards
—1 Bronze Award



AGDA Awards
—7 Finalist Awards
—Anfachen Poster Award (Germany)

BEST Awards, NZ
—2 Silver Awards
—Graphic Posters
—Silver Award

Mohawk Show
—Category Winner – Books
—Category Winner – Print Innovation
—Finalist – Brochures

Type Directors Club, NYC
—Certificate of Typographic Excellence



AGDA Awards
—4 Distinctions
—10 Finalist awards

Best Awards, NZ
—2 Gold Awards
—1 Silver Award
—2 Bronze Awards

Graphis Design
—Gold Award

Graphis Posters
—5 Silver Awards

Type Directors Club, NYC
— Certificate of Typographic Excellence



AGDA Awards
—3 Distinctions
—4 Finalist Awards

—Silver Pencil – Miscellaneous
—Bronze Pencil – Identity

Best Awards
—2 Silver Awards
—1 Bronze award
—5 Finalist awards

Graphis Social and Political Posters
—Platinum Award
—2 Gold Awards
—Silver Award

Graphis Typography 3
—2 Gold Awards

Mohawk Show
—Category Winner - Integrated communications
—Category Winner - Posters
—Finalist - Direct mail



Australian Design Biennale 2014
—Pinnacle Award
—Judges Choice award
—4 Distinctions
—6 Finalist awards

Graphis Posters
—Gold Award

Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2014
—Three posters selected

Moscow Golden Bee Biennale of Graphic Design
—2 Posters selected



Australasian Reporting Awards
—Gold Award,Sydney Opera House Annual Report
—Finalist, Public & Not-for-Profit Organisations Report of the Year

D&AD Awards
—In Book, Image making for design

Graphis Annual Reports
—Gold Award

Graphis Design 2013
—Gold award

Graphis Posters 2013
—Gold Award



12th International Poster Biennale in Mexico
—Official selection

Australian Creative Magazine HOTSHOP Awards
—Finalist in Design category
—Australian Design Biennale

AGDA Awards
—Pinnacle Award – Image Making
—Pinnacle Award – Three Dimensional Design (Installations)
—10 AGDA Awards

AWARD Australasian Writers and Art Directors Association
—Bronze Pencil – Identity

Graphis Posters
—Platinum award

International Poster Biennale Warsaw
—Official selection

Mohawk Show 12
—Best of show



AWARD Awards
— Bronze Pencil – Brochures and Catalogues

Qantm Desktop Create Awards
—Winner of Illustration category Trophy
— Highly Commended Print Commercial category

The Worldwide Logo Design Annual 2010



Australian Creative Magazine HOTSHOP Awards
—Finalist in Design category
—Finalist in In-House category

AGDA Awards
—Distinction in Books
—Distinction in Posters
—Distinction in Illustration
—Finalist in Identity
—Finalist in Posters
—Finalist in Miscellaneous

11th Annual Poster Biennale of Mexico
—2 Posters Selected

Graphis Posters
—Platinum Award
—2 Gold Awards

The New York Type Directors Club
—Award of excellence



Graphis Posters
—2 Gold Awards

Museums Australia Multimedia and Publication Design Awards
—Category Winner – Magazine and Newsletter 2010

Lectures & talks.

2021—The Design Conference, Brisbane

2020—D&AD Pencil winners series

2020—The Design Conference, Brisbane

2020—Shillington College guest lecture series

2019—Guest Lecture, University of Western Sydney

2019—Shot Down, AGDA

2016—Shillington College guest lecture series

2016—Typo/graphics Workshop, University of Technology Sydney
2016—Across the Ditch, Design Institute of New Zealand
2016—The Design Conference, Brisbane
2016—Across the Ditch, Design Institute of New Zealand
2015—The Pinnacles, AGDA
2011—Shot Down lecture, AGDA NSW
2011—Expressive Typography Workshop, DIA 
2011—Enmore Talks Student lecture, Enmore Design Centre
2011—Enemy Ears are Listening, AGDA South Australia
2010—Radio Interview, Deborah Cameron Show, ABC Radio
2009—AGIdeas International Design Conference Presentation
2009—Enmore Talks Student lecture, Enmore Design Centre
2007—I Heard it Through the Grapevine AGDA, Sydney
2004–2006—Sessional Lecturing Swinburne University
2002–2006—Lecturing, Billy Blue School of Graphic Arts
2004—Abroad, AGDA NSW


2022—The Advertising & Design Club of Canada Awards

2021—Graphis Protest Posters 2
2021—AADC Adelaide Advertising & Design Club Inc.
2021—Perth Art Director's Club Diamond Skulls

2020—AADC Adelaide Advertising & Design Club Inc.

2019—AWARD Awards 

2019—Perth Art Director's Club Diamond Skulls 

2018—AGDA Awards 
2018—Victorian Premier's Design Awards 
2016—BEST Awards, New Zealand 
2015—The Mohawk Show 
2015—Brisbane Art Directors Club 
2015—AWARD Awards 
2013—AGDA Poster Biennale
2012—AGDA Awards 
2012—Positive Posters 
2012—Adelaide Advertising & Design Club Inc. 
2011—AGDA Poster Annual
2008—Melbourne Art Directors Club Awards 


2020—Typo/Graphic Posters Exhibition, Valinhos/São Paulo, Brazil

2020—Project 26, Sydney

2019— AGI Rotterdam, Tattoo exhibition
2019—CommUNITY, San Francisco Design Week (2019)
2018—AGI Mexico ‘The Other Side’ Poster Exhibition (2018)
2018—Type+Text Exhibition, Krakow Poland (2018)
2018—Anfachen Award ‘Tolerance’ Exhibition, Germany (2018)
2018—Ficciones Typografika
2017—Design Of Dissent
2017—AGI Paris ‘Borders’ Poster Exhibition
2016—‘Purple’ Manchester
2016—AGI Seoul ‘Love’ Poster Exhibition
2015—Flags of Peace, Netherlands
2014—AZTECS, Australian Museum
2013—AGDA National Poster Biennale
2012—Masked Intentions Group exhibition
2012—12th Poster Biennale of Mexico
2012—Warsaw International Poster Biennale



Design Elements, 3rd Edition, Quarto Group/Rockport Publishers (2020)

Line, Dot, Shape, Victionary (2020)

Architectural Logos, Counterprint Books (2019)

Ficciones Typographika 1642, Formist Publishing (2019)

TDC 65 Annual of The Type Directors Club (2019)

AGI NEW Members 2007—2017, Hesign (2018)

Material Matters, Victionary (2018)

TDC 63 Annual of The Type Directors Club (2017)

Design of Dissent, Expanded Edition, Rockport (2017)

Introduction to Visual Communication Text Book, Bloomsbury (2017)

Los Logos, Gestalten (2017)

The Year Of The Monkey, Formist (2016)

First Things First, Gestalten (2016)

Art Marks, Counterprint Books (2016)

Graphis Design Annual (2017)

360 Design Sports, Sandu (2016)

MIN: New Simplicity in Graphic Design, Thames & Hudson (2015)

Graphis Social and Political Posters, Graphis (2015)

Monotone, Viction:ary (2015)

Human Logo, Counterprint Books (2014)

Alphabet Logo, Counterprint Books (2014)

Graphis Typography, Graphis (2014)

D&AD Annual (2013)

Fully Booked Vol 2, Gestalten (2013)

Graphis Annual Reports (2013)

Graphis Design (2013

Graphis Posters (2007, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)

Graphis Branding 5

Graphis Logos 7

Typography 31 Annual of The Type Directors Club (2010)

10th AGDA Awards compendium

9th AGDA Awards compendium

8th AGDA Awards compendium

7th AGDA Awards compendium

AWARD Annual (2006, 209, 2011, 2015)

Logo Lounge Volume 6

Logo Lounge Master Library III, Symbols and Crests

Logo Lounge Master Library II, Animals & Mythology 

Logo Lounge 3 (2006)

Logotype, Laurence King, UK (2012)

Symbol, Laurence King, UK (2011)

Logo, Laurence King UK (2006)

Index Book, Spain

The WOLDA Annual (2008, 2009, 2010)

Asia Pacific Design No. 8

The Sydney Design Guide (2006)

Graphics Alive, Viction:ary (2006)



Brand Magazine #60 (2022)

Communication Arts #432 (2020)

PAGE Magazine #378 (2019)

étapes #249 (2019)

Communication Arts #424 (2019)

PAGE Magazine (2016)

Chois Gallery (2015)

Communication Arts (2018)

STD Typographic 69 (February 2012)

Desktop Magazine #272 Studio Feature (June 2011)

Monument Magazine #105 (October/November 2011)

Communication Arts Interactive Annual 14

Design Down Under: Graphic Design in the Land of OZ feature article by Robert L. Peters

Australian Creative Magazine 2009 HOTSHOP Feature Article (March 2010)

Australian Creative Magazine 2008 HOTSHOP Feature Article (March 2009)

Desktop Magazine Interview (November 2009)

Australian Creative Magazine 2006 HOTSHOP Feature Article (March 2007)

DG Magazine #120 Feature article (2005)Australian Creative (2004)

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