Publication for a paper company

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K.W. Doggett, one of Australia’s largest paper suppliers have traditionally interacted with the design and printing industry through their sales reps, who spent their time meeting with customers to let them know about the latest products and printed samples. In recent years however, the paper industry has been effected by a financial downturn lead by the rise of digital communication. This lead to fewer reps on the road and busy customers. Doggett were looking for a way to engage this time poor audience without face time.

We developed a print and digital strategy that focused around delivering new product information in a way that was compelling to their audience. We celebrated paper, printing, design and of course, dogs, which have always been a part of Dogget’s brand.‘Spot’ was conceived as a newsletter that explored their papers and printing techniques, but also delivered relevant and interesting content. As well as conceiving and naming ‘Spot’, we were also the guest editors and designers of the launch issue, which was themed around relationships.